Made Blue Foundation

We are very proud to partner with the Made Blue Foundation supporting their global water projects, making water available where it is needed the most.

Each person requires 20L of water a day for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing, but in ‘water stressed’ regions, accessing clean water is challenging if not impossible. This is where using the i-mop to support the Made Blue Foundation comes in.

For every litre of water that is used in the i-mop’s operation, one litre of clean water is made available to communities in developing countries.

This means that if an i-mop uses 18L of water per day (the average use per tank) nearly all of the daily clean water needs of a person are met. Each i-mop will continue to contribute to water projects for 3 years, which results in both a significant water saving for you and a huge contribution to water projects across the world.

ESG initiative - Made Blue

How does Made Blue work?

Made Blue measures the total water used by your products or services and ensures that same amount of clean water is made available where it is needed.

Water projects are implemented by international charity organizations such as Red Cross and Amref Flying Doctors.

Examples of water projects include boreholes, pipelines & filter systems with permanent focus on sustainability, traceability, efficiency, entrepreneurship and innovation.