Hospital & Medical Cleaning Equipment

Hospital and Medical Cleaning is ultra-critical when it comes to hygiene and patient safety. Ensuring medical areas within hospitals, dentists and clinics are disinfected and cleaned to the best possible standard is essential for cleaning teams. At LVC we provide a range of equipment for cleaning both large and small areas, from a variety of the leading manufacturers of cleaning machines and products in the UK.

Why not call out friendly London sales team on 01923 445 550 for unbiased advice on the best cleaning equipment and products for hospitals and medical areas.


With 20 years’ experience within the industry, we keep up to date with the latest cleaning regulations, always ensuring the equipment we supply exceeds those standards. Our team of experts are available for advice and support throughout the process of buying or hiring any machine, post-sale support is always available. No matter your query, our team will always offer you the best advice to get the most out of your money with reliable and effect cleaning equipment across London.


At LVC we stock a huge range of specialised equipment for hospital and medical cleaning in London. We stock a large range of expert equipment so you can rely on us to always supply high quality. Our equipment ranges from commercial to industrial use, our sales team will advise you on the best equipment for you to ensure you comply with cleaning regulations.


The CQC regulations now ensure hospitals and medical facilities are all kept to optimal hygiene standards. Cleaning standards are now monitored and inspected to ensure you comply with the regulations. At LVC we ensure that all of our products are top quality, allowing you to feel at ease with the cleaning equipment you buy. With our maintenance and service plans, our London based engineers will regularly access and repair your machine to ensure its efficiency and long-life.


At LVC we can provide certified training so that you know exactly how to operate the machines you hire or buy from us. Our training teaches you how to use our machines in the most efficient way, allowing you to ensure that your machines are working 24/7. We provide training on all of the products we sell, meaning that you can use a variety of brands and only visit us for training, saving you and your schedule time and money.