Our best cleaning machine picks from Interclean 2024

Earlier this month, we travelled to Holland to attend the Interclean Show at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. This is the largest expo for manufacturing cleaning machines in Europe, so there was a lot on offer for us to demo and new innovations on display. Inspired by the new products on show, we are excited to bring the best and latest commercial cleaning machines to the UK market for the benefit of our customers. 

Here are a few of our key product highlights from the expo:

i-team ‘Wow’ innovation

We had the opportunity to see i-team’s new ‘Wow’ innovation. While we cannot say too much at this stage, it is sure to make a huge difference to a lot of our client’s cleaning operations. We will have one of the first of these in the country as soon as it is available and will keep you updated as further details are released.

MotoScrubber DRYFT scrubber dryer

The soon to be released MotoScrubber DRYFT boasts to be the world’s fastest cleaning machine. It’s not only fast but effective, scrubbing and drying the target area fully and in record time. 

This is a great machine for small to medium-sized areas from 0-400m2. It’s unique shaped head is highly effective at getting into corners and hard-to-reach areas too. This makes the MotorScrubber DRYFT ideal for restaurants, kitchens, coffee shops and hospital wards.

We are finding more and more clients are moving away from conventional mopping and this is looks like it will be an option worth considering. 

Nilfisk SC550 scrubber dryer

The new Nilfisk SC550 is a step up on the industry favourite SC500 scrubber dryer. The new model is available in disc, twin disc, cylindrical and orbital forms, giving it an impressive number of cleaning options. The responsive display makes programming and monitoring simple for the operator. It is also designed with savings in mind, with Nilfisk calculating that the SC550 can save up to 20% on energy use, 40% on water, and 60% on detergent. 

One of the features we love most on this new range of scrubber dryers is a full touch screen display that stores operator tutorials on how to operate and maintain the machine. Having this accessible to new operators at a touch of a button will help ensure the machine is used correctly and lead to greater machine longevity.

Makita GSV01 Sweeper

The just-released Makita walk-behind floor sweeper is an impressive machine that is suitable for hard floor and carpet sweeping. This model is the latest in Makita’s 40V XGT machine range. The GSV01 model is a dual-action vacuum and sweeping machine, with filter cleaning for extended performance. At first glance it is of Makita’s usual robust build quality, also simple to use and maintain.

Karcher KIRA CV 50 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The winner of the Interclean Innovation Award this year was the Karcher KIRA CV 50, and it’s easy to see why. This robotic vacuum will map out the cleaning area and programme the most efficient route, freeing up skilled staff to undertake more complex tasks. The ergonomic, responsive and compact design of the KIRA means it can reach awkward spots on both carpeted and hard floors, such as under tables and along the wall line. The machine is also safe to use in public areas and is IEC 63327 safety certified. 

We were impressed by the simplicity of the mapping process and the ability to share maps between multiple machines. A great option for hotel corridors and small to mid-sized banqueting areas.

Iteam i-escalate 520

The i-escalate 520 is a great solution for the deep cleaning of escalators. Its ability to be used by mains power or battery means it is versatile  Its manoeuvrability is impressive for such a large and powerful machine, and this makes escalator cleaning much easier and quicker—it can clean a 65-step escalator in just 4 minutes!

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