Our Approach to Environment, Social & Governance

LVC was established in October 1995 and is supporting the cleaning industry by supplying, installing and training staff in the use of cleaning machines. We also service, repair and hire out commercial and industrial cleaning machines. We are a small company employing 27 staff.

LVC consider its key ESG issues related to the following:

• Wellbeing and development of our employees

• Managing and influencing ESG issues in our supply chain

• Environmental impact of our services, especially with regards to our operations, energy consumption and recycling.

Wellbeing and development of our employees

The recruitment, retention and development of talented individuals is key to the ongoing success and growth of our business. Induction training provides new employees with health and safety awareness and familiarisation with our business. LVC sponsors professional qualifications and provides tailord skills training to support employees with fulfilling their roles and their personal development. All our employees are also supported via the EAP – Employee Assistance Programme a 24 hour helpline from Health Assured ‘to support you through any of life’s issues or problems’ .

LVC has implemented a range of supporting policies to ensure that our people are provided with a safe, secure and friendly working environment. These policies include:

• Health and Safety Policy (Safe Contractor approved and belong to ROSPA)

• Grievance Policy

• Equal Opportunities Policy

• Harassment Policy

• Stress policy (where each employee is trained in the impact and prevention of stress)

• Relationships at work Policy

• Maternity, paternity and adoption leave policies

In May 2023 we implemented an extra day off work/year (every year going forward) for each employee to volunteer in the community in commemoration of the Kings coronation. We also contribute to an employee allocated charity on their birthday.

Managing and influencing ESG issues in our supply chain

Our business fundamentally depends on building and maintaining the trust that our clients have in us, both in the integrity of our work and in the security of client information which we handle. In order to support this, LVC has implemented anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies and have also a ‘modern slavery’ voluntary statement. All procedures with regards to information security are maintained to the highest standard with dedicated IT staff monitoring online security on a daily bases. LVC promote the United Nations Global Goals via our website and actively encourage our suppliers to do the same via direct communication. We have achieved the first step of our journey to become leader of Watford Sustainable Business program and aim to share and discuss useful information with our supply chain & network to reach our governments goal of reducing carbon emission by 45% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050

All About Net Zero

UN Sustainable Development Goals


Environmental impact of our services

We encourage our customers to reduce their impact on the environment by recommending the use of more sustainable machines and cleaning products. We support our clients by recommending the best products for the application by recommending the correct machines first time to avoid waste and scrap to landfill. We also promote low water consumption machines and cleaning products that minimise use of chemicals wherever possible.

LVC sell new as well as refurbished machines rather than scrapping (if at all possible) – We will continue this path to minimise landfill and provide a good alternative solution for our customers.

All LVC’s electrical energy consumptions will originate from renewable energy. This goal was achieved in May 2022.

LVC are starting our removal of diesel vans with start in the summer of 2023 to replace our fleet with Electrical/Hybrid vans to be completed by the summer of 2025. Our first all electric van was purchased in December 2023.

LVC recycle Cardboard/ Paper / oil / batteries / cables / metal & plastic for industrial recycling/ and run a environmentally friendly workshop and are proud to use bio cleaning instead of chemicals to clean oil and grease from parts of machinery.

LVC contributed over 6 million litre of water (6,233,523 L) via the Made Blue Foundation who make clean water available to people who currently have not got access to clean water. This was achieved between the years of 2018 – 2021 (updated figures will be presented for 2022 – 2024) in the promotion and selling of I-team global products such as I-mops where I-team global mirrors all the water used by all its cleaning machines by providing water facilities (funding the drilling of water wells) in Ethiopia, Senegal and the Ivory coast.