Engineer Spotlight: How we can help keep your cleaning machines running

Our engineering division is a very proud part of LVC. We have spent many years building up our engineering team to provide our clients with a quick and experienced service that will maximise your cleaning machine’s lifecycle. 

Supporting the healthcare sector

Our commitment to our clients was most evident during the pandemic. Our engineering team kept running throughout the lockdowns, as many of the clients we service are front-line healthcare facilities, including London hospitals. The pressures on healthcare during COVID were immense as all these facilities needed to be kept sanitary through continuous cleaning regimes. Our engineers were on hand for same-day call-outs to keep these cleaning fleets up and running.

Providing a quick service

We were keen to keep up this quick call-out trend in the long term as we understand how frustrating it is for any of our clients to have their machines out of order. Currently, our call-out times are 1-2 days for standard requests, and we are getting on-site within 24 hours for urgent queries. 

The point at which call-outs can become longer is usually due to the availability of parts. This is where the regular servicing of machines can be helpful because it means our engineers will maintain a selection of parts, even if you use a specialist machine.

Giving our clients a personal service

Our engineers stay with our clients as their service partners in the long term. Some of our engineers have been servicing client’s machines for over 20 years! The advantage of this is that our engineers can get to know your business and its needs. They will know when your busy periods are to ensure that any parts are well stocked. They can make recommendations based on your cleaning needs, such as maintenance advice, useful accessories, or new models if you want to increase or upgrade your fleet. Most of all, you’ll know whom you are dealing with when you pick up the phone, and you will be sure of the level of service you will receive.

On-the-go training

A sometimes overlooked part of our engineer’s job is as training specialists for your cleaning machine. Our engineers know the ins and outs of all of our models and how to use them to get the desired results you’re looking for. Many of our clients will regularly have new cleaning staff operating machines, which can increase the risk of breakages and repairs. However, if you regularly have an engineer visiting your site as part of your service plan, they can help to train your operators on the best use of your machines. 

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