Welcome the iMop Lite

i-team Global continues to innovate and launches its newest addition to the imop family: the imop Lite

The drudgery of wet-mopping floors in small and tight spaces is a thing of the past. imop Lite brings mobility to the cleaner.

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – i-team Global, a global manufacturer of high-end cleaning machines, products and utilities, has just announced the imop Lite. i-team Global is headquartered in Eindhoven and serves partners in over 60 countries around the world.

The imop Lite is the latest addition to the i-mop family. Cleaning spaces that until now could only be cleaned by hand is a thing of the past. By expanding the current range of i-mops i-team is offering a tool with outstanding maneuverability and portability, making it perfect for mobility cleaning. The imop Lite means fast and efficient mechanized cleaning.

“Imagine you can go up and down the stairs with a scrubber dryer. It is all about spreading the joy instead of the dirt. You can make a difference in 5 minutes.” – Frank van de Ven

The imop Lite can be used in small and tight spaces. As of today, the cleaning of toilets, gyms, dentist rooms, patient rooms, small supermarkets, trains/busses and small shops (fastfood/coffeeshops) will be quick, simple and fun. The low deck allows it to reach under and around spaces, cleaning right up to the edge. With its very light weight (13.2kg) it’s easy to carry or transport, and to use in spaces with multiple levels. The imop Lite is the smallest and lightest machine available in the i-mop range. The imop Lite is 50% lighter than the i-mop XL which brings mobility to the cleaner.

The i-mop has proven to be a game-changer, with its redesigned vertical configuration.

The unique upright design puts more weight on the brushes. Although the imop Lite is smaller than the XL and XXL, its powerful battery-driven motor turns at higher RPMs, resulting in more cleaning power for its size. The imop Lite features the company’s latest innovations such as advanced battery technology and simplified controls. Just like his bigger brothers the imop Lite features snap-on tanks, reduced water and chemical usage and an advanced water recovery system that leaves floors virtually dry.

With its power, ease of use and cleaning capabilities, the imop Lite is a perfect tool for mobility cleaning. i-team Global is revolutionizing professional cleaning, making operations safer, cleaner, faster, greener and better for everyone. The imop Lite will be available for purchase April 1st 2019. More information about the imop Lite is available at https://www.i-teamglobal.com/en/Products/i-mop.

About I-team Global

i-team is a global family of innovative cleaning sales and distribution partners that are dedicated to delivering intelligent, convenient and high-end cleaning machines, products and utilities to the industry. Our goal is to simplify the entire cleaning process and to bring back the fun in cleaning. i-team has global headquarters in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), headquarters in Holland (Michigan, U.S.), a wholly owned manufacturing center in Dongguan (China) and a network of i-partners in more than 60 countries around the world and ever expanding. We are considered a worldwide key innovator. We are not limited to only innovating machines as most other companies do. We innovate in processes and cleaning related mediums e.g. water and chemicals to achieve real sustainability in the cleaning industry. Staying in touch with our cleaners, receiving feedback and inspiration from multiple fields drives our development process to be the most customer driven in the cleaning industry. To learn more,

If you have any questions regarding the launch or want to receive more pictures of the imop Lite, please contact LVC today.