Scrubber Dryers

i-mop lite

The i-Mop Lite is lighter than the i-mop XL, making it the smallest and lightest machine available in the i-mop range. The i-Mop Lite is offering a tool with outstanding maneuverability and portability, making it perfect for mobility cleaning.

The i-Mop Lite can go in even smaller spaces than its bigger brother, the i-mop XL. From the improved control panel to the new water overflow protection mechanism, everything is designed to make it even more user friendly. It all adds up to make cleaning, quick, simple and fun. So let’s welcome your new co-worker to the team and start REAL cleaning.

Leaves floors dry & safe

Wet mopping with dirty water and slippery floors are a thing of the past. The i-Mop’s advanced suction technology extracts virtually all of the cleaning solution and whatever liquid happens to be on the floor, leaving floors dry and safe to walk on almost immediately. Because it uses significantly less water and chemicals it is the green way to clean.


Cleans 50% faster than conventional mopping and 20% faster than equal size scrubber dryers proven by cleaning rates of up to 1300 m2 per hour.


Powerful twin counter-rotating 500 RPM brushes for soil removal proven by ATP test data reflecting up to 90% cleaner surfaces.


Takes advantage of every bit of chemical and every drop of water, which is proof that it reduces environmental impact by over 75%. On average the i-Mop Lite uses 20% less energy per m2 compared to a typical scrubber dryer.


Cleans and dries floors almost instantly – proven by standardised slip test readings of 120 or less – significantly reducing slip and fall hazards.

Better for everyone

Makes life easier for the operator who is no longer an exhausted manual labourer, but rather a motivated and proud i-Mop operator. But also easier for the building manager who can establish more efficient cleaning procedures, while the building occupants experience a cleaner and healthier environment.


This product is available for purchase and hire


Technical specifications

Application indoor, hard surfaces
Theoretical performance 1400 m2 per hour
Practical performance 700 – 1000 m2 per hour
Brush speed 500 rpm
Brush pressure 13 kg
Operation width 37 cm
Size machine (L x W x H) 34 x 43 x 120 cm
Weight with battery 13.2 kg
Weight without battery 11.5 kg
Clean water tank 3 ltr
Recovery tank 3 to max 5 ltr
Power-source 1 pack (20 cells)
Battery pack 18 V – 12 Ah – 250 Wh
Brush motor 180 W
Vacuum suction motor 200 W
Run time 45 min
Charge type Off-board
Charger 110-240 V – 50/60 Hz
Charging time 6 hours