Tersano – an all-in-one chemical free cleaning solution

The use of harsh cleaning chemicals has become an increasing concern across different sectors. While health care, hospitality, education and manufacturing businesses require thoroughly treated environments, harsh chemical use carries its own risks.

Cleaning companies take the health and safety of their staff very seriously, but the abrasive nature of certain cleaning chemicals still contains risks through skin contact and inhalation. Chemicals can also build up in an environment, leading to unsafe levels. Added to this is the cost element of commercial cleaning chemicals.

For these reasons, the team at Tersano have developed an innovative cleaning, sanitising and deodorising technology that is environmentally safe and healthy to use. Their machine is to ‘Change the way the world cleans’.

Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO®) technology

Tersano’s SAO dispensing system works by taking tap water and adding an extra oxygen atom from the air to create a water-based ozone (O3). Ozone is an effective cleaning solution for several reasons:

· It is attracted to proteins and therefore clings to germs, soil and bacteria.

· Ozone breaks down proteins through oxidation and holds them in the liquid solution, which is removed through cleaning.

· Removing bacteria in this way effectively cleans, sanitises and deodorises as well as the majority of chemical solutions.

· SAO works on all surfaces.

· It exceeds Green Seal Standards (GS-37 and GS-53) as an industrial cleaner.

· SAO is proven to kill bacteria and viruses at a 99.9% removal rate, including Covid-19.

Once produced, the SAO-24 stabiliser cartridge allows the solution to stay as a sanitiser for 24hrs and an effective cleaning solution for 6 days. The SAO-4 system permits 4 hours of sanitising and 3 days as a cleaning solution, after which it will return to water.

tersano dispenser - chemcial free cleaning

Benefits of the Tersano SAO system

As well as effective cleaning, there are a number of benefits to installing a Tersano SAO system, including:

· Eliminating the need to purchase, transport, distribute, store and restock multiple cleaning and sanitising products.

· Improved efficiency through using a one-stop system.

· A compact dispenser that can easily fit into your existing cleaning set up.

· Better health and safety through reduced exposure to cleaning chemicals.

· Simple disposal down the drain without any negative environmental effects.

· Reduced waste through Tersano’s dedicated recycling program.

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