Tersano Chemical free stabilised aqueous ozone water system

Tersano SAO – all in one chemical free cleaning solution.

NB: SAO = Stabilised Aqueous Ozone

Tersano is a fantastic chemical free cleaning solution.  It eliminates the need to purchase, transport, stock and distribute your regular cleaning and sanitising products. It comes in a compact dispenser so you have a one stop system. And disposal is simple, pour the solution down the drain without negative environmental effects.

Tersano chemical free cleaning

About the SAO Product

The system comprises of a wall mounted dispenser. Once connected to a water supply and powered up the system self produces the stabilised aqueous ozone (SAO) water.

Once the water is produced it can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks. The SAO can be used to fill mop buckets, cleaning machines, carpet machines and trigger spray bottles. Depending on which stabiliser cartridge you have this can produce up to 6000 litres of SAO before the cartridge needs replacing.

The 2 SAO Cartridges

Essentially you have 2 options. Longer lasting vs bigger volume.

SAO24 (LCA118K-FB)

Sanitising time: up to 24 hours

Cleaning time: up to 6 days

Cartridge Life: 3,000 lites



Sanitising time: up to 4 hours

Cleaning time: up to 3 days

Cartridge Life: 6,000 lites



The SAO water is effective for up to 6 days as a powerful cleaning agent before it returns back to water.

Again, depending on which cartridge has been used the SAO is also a powerful sanitising agent too.


Many use this to fill up their team trigger sprays each week. They find this is exceptional as a multi purpose cleaner, glass cleaner and a stainless steel cleaner. It is pretty much good as a cleaner in most daily cleaning applications.

It will not remove limescale but will keep it at bay and cannot be used as a toilet cleaner below the water line.

The SAO is very environmentally safe, there is pretty much no COSHH as this is just modified water.

It is safe to spray around food, people and has no toxic residue. There are no VOC’s that are present in most trigger spray bottles (also of businesses are trying to stop the use of VOC’s in their businesses)


How Aqueous Aqueous Ozone Works

  1. Oxygen from the air is safely turned into ozone and then infused into ordinary tap water.
  2. The ozone is attracted to germs, stains and bacteria.
  3. Harmless to people, the ozone quickly attacks and eliminates contaminants it comes in contact with.
  4. Only pure oxygen and water remain after the ozone cleans and sanitises.


This product is available for purchase and hire