How to care for your commercial cleaning machine to prevent costly repairs

Commercial cleaning machines are a significant investment for businesses and organisations. Most of our client’s machines will be used many times a day to ensure their facilities are sanitary and looking their best. Yet, while commercial machines are built to withstand heavy use, if they are not used correctly, they can require repairs and even replacement much sooner than they should. Here, we look at what preventable measures you can take to keep your cleaning machines running and performing at their best.

Preventable repairs

Our engineers are always on hand to assist with machine repairs, but we have found that the majority of faults reported are preventable. Many machine faults occur because of how the machine is operated and maintained.

Some of the most common requests we receive are that machines are not collecting water or dirt through reduced suction. This often comes down to a blockages, whether it is a blocked hose or a blocked filter that needs rinsing or clearing. Learning about these everyday maintenance measures can significantly extend the life of your cleaning machine.

At LVC we keep a digital bank of operator manuals for cleaning machines from all of the major manufacturers. Please get in contact if you do not have these on file for your fleet. We are also able to support with certified on-site operator training, to ensure your machine is being used and cared for correctly.

Regular servicing

Regular servicing can maintain a machine for much longer for several reasons:

  • Minor repairs that your cleaning machine requires will be picked up through a service, which will help to prevent any issues from growing into more serious problems.
  • Service items, such as filters, squeegees and wheels will be regularly cleaned or replaced, keeping your machine working at peak performance day-to-day.
  • Regular serving will take place with the same engineer each time. This allows your engineer to identify any issues in the operational use of the machine and make recommendations. It also means you always know who you are dealing with, and likewise, your assigned engineer will get to know the specific needs you require from your cleaning machines.

Because of these factors, regular serving is proven to be a huge cost benefit through the lifecycle of your machine. It will help to prevent costly repairs and replacements, and by having a service contract with us, you benefit from a reduced incidental callout and labour rate too.

But won’t my warranty cover any repairs?

Warranties are an essential feature when purchasing a new machine, but they are limited. Warranties cover manufacturing defects for a specific period, usually 12 months. This means your machine is covered for any fault that occurred in the production of your machine, but it will not cover accidental damage or wear and tear. Most mechanical issues for cleaning machines occur after a year, especially for those that require heavy use. This is why an ongoing regular service plan is needed alongside the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Service plans

Our service plans are bespoke because all our clients have different requirements. We will discuss what you need from your cleaning machines and create a service contract to fulfil this. Depending on your requirements, we offer flexible service contracts from once a year to twice a month. 

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