What are the benefits of the i-mop Next Life scheme?

Many cleaning machines base their sustainability credentials on their operational efficiencies. But what about when a machine comes to the end of its useful life? Sadly, too many machines end up in landfill despite the fact that they still contain many working parts and useful materials. This is why i-team has been working hard to create an initiative that extends the sustainability of their i-mops beyond their first life, while also financially benefitting customers. 

The i-mop’s Next Life scheme gives our customers the ability to receive credit for their older model i-mops. In turn, your old i-mop will be reused and given a second life. Great for the environment and your cleaning operations!

How does the i-mop Next Life scheme work?

Once your i-mop has come to the end of its life, you can return it for credit against a new model or any of our other services. It does not matter about the condition of your i-mop, only that it’s returned complete and with battery and charger. 

Your old i-mop will then be sent to the i-team’s dedicated recycling facility in Poland, where it will be assessed and then upcycled for a new life.

How does the i-mop Next Life credit scheme work?

Once your old i-mop is accepted for the Next Life scheme, you will receive credit on your account to be redeemed against any of our services, including machine purchases, spare parts, hire, repair or maintenance work.

The amount of credit received depends on the age of the model, not the condition (provided it is returned complete). 

This works on a sliding scale by age:

  • 2014-15 model = credit of £173
  • 2016-17 model = credit of £260
  • 2018+ models = credit of £347

We recently sent back the first batch of used machines from our clients, which all went very smoothly.

i-mop next life scheme

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about the Next Life scheme and the credit you could receive from your old i-mop, please get in touch below.