The Ultimate Cleaning Machine for the Healthcare Sector

This month, we are highlighting one of the most efficient cleaning machines on the market, the i-mop V23. This machine has been developed from the ground up with the user in mind. Taking an innovative approach, the i-mop development team have created an all-encompassing machine that delivers on many levels, being faster, cleaner, greener and safer to use.

If you are looking for a well-rounded cleaning machine that will help the efficiency and quality of your cleaning team, the i-mop V23 range is the way to go.

Product Features for Healthcare

Here are our product highlights and improved features for the new V23 Healthcare machine on the i-mop XL Pro.

  • Warranty now 2 years. All of the parts of the i-mop have had their warranty increased from 1 year to 2 years for your peace of mind.
  • Microban. Handles and solution tanks are now made with Microban to destroys bacteria on contact.
  • New vacuum motor. The i-mop XL & XXL now have twin settings (hi & low), allowing a quieter operating option which is great when working in noise sensitive areas such as hospital wards and waiting rooms.
  • Brushless motor. A brushless motor makes the i-mop V23 water resistant, enhancing its longevity, and means a 40% reduction in energy usage, so the batteries will last longer before needing a recharge.
  • The vacuum motor is EPA rated as has no exhaust carbon dust (this is like HEPA).
  • Quick fit and replace. The squeegee blades and wheels are now all quick change with no tools required, meaning service maintenance of these can all be done in seconds.
  • The clean water tanks have the i-dose detergent and sanitiser pods fitted as standard.
  • Quick and easy charging. USB power outlet along with a universal charger cable and cradle for mobile phones or pda’s mean charging and using the i-mop is quick and simple.
  • Anticorrosion. The brush deck is now anticorrosion treated increasing the life of the i-mop, even with heavy use.
  • i-balance. You can now tilt and leave the handle at an angle without having to lift up the brush deck when pausing during cleaning. A handy time saver!
  • Handle support bracket – this takes the weight off the handle making it lighter for the operator to use if required.
  • Improved battery technology & range. Easy to use maintenance clips and clear LED’s on the battery to check power status without having to plug the machine in.
  • The brushes and pad holders have an upgraded mounting click system to make it easier to fit and to ensure they don’t fall off in transit.
  • New improved fast clip-on splash skirts to ensure all dirty water stays within the brush deck area.

Would you like to find out more about the i-mop V23? Why not download the brochure or book a demo and watch this brilliant product at work.