The New Makita Cordless Blower

LVC are proud to introduce the Makita Cordless Blower. With lower running costs and eco-friendly features, makes this the must have gadget this Autumn. Ideal for blowing leaves, litre and dust debris.

The Makita Blower has been developed as the most powerful cordless blower, with a dual battery fuel gauge. The high air volume and speed delivered by the brushless motor enables the machine to have a longer run time.

With 6 stage air volume/velocity settings and 3 stage telescopic long nozzle, gives you a range of 100mm.

This easy to use machine is lightweight and compact for single handed operation. With a soft start and an impressively low operating volume (that one could still sleep through) is brilliant to use in busy public and commercial areas where the sound of blower can be of a nuisance.

To keep your running cost to a minimum, Makita have ensured you have the lowest fuel costs as opposed to using the traditional leaf blower. By purchasing the Makita Cordless Blower you eliminate the need to have a cabinet for hazardous substance such as petrol, the effort to frequently refuel the blower is eradicated and you won’t need to have a regular service on the engine; all of which adds up in cost and effort.

The rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries can be used with various other Makita machines such as the Makita Back Pack Vacuum. Reducing the cost of new batteries for every product you purchase and store. LVC recommend purchasing an extra set of Makita batteries, so you can have continuous use of the Makita machines; charging one set, whilst operating with another set to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

For further information of the Makita Blower or would like to arrange an onsite demonstration, contact us today.

Tired of the effort needed to start up your petrol-powered leaf blower? Hate the noise? Hate that burning smell? The Makita Blower will take all these worries away!