The benefits of ergonomic design in your cleaning solutions

The physical toll of traditional cleaning options is an area that businesses are keen to overcome. The repetitive nature of conventional cleaning methods can lead to increased tiredness and risk of injury. This can result in staff retention difficulties. For this reason, i-team has worked hard in developing the i-mop’s innovative ergonomic design to overcome the risks associated with traditional mop-and-bucket cleaning.

Using motion sensor technology to develop ergonomic cleaning solutions

One of the main goals of i-team is to create safer and better cleaning experiences for operators. The i-mop scrubber-dryer series has been developed to reduce stress and strain on the cleaner’s body. It does this by adopting an ergonomic and easy to use design that can be customised to any user. The ergonomics of the i-mop help to prevent injuries, improve the user experience and bring back the fun in cleaning.

How ergonomic design can overcome work-related muscular skeletal disorder

Work-related muscular skeletal disorders (WMSD) have become a significant issue for businesses, leading to increased sick days and poor staff retention. Cleaning and healthcare sector staff are especially vulnerable to WMSDs as their work often involves repetitive manual tasks that can be physically demanding. Ergonomic cleaning solutions can be particularly effective at reducing the risk of developing a WMSD.

As you can see through these demonstration videos, a conventional mop requires the cleaner to bend through their upper body, which creates excess strain on their back, neck and arms. This can lead to increased tiredness, slowing down the cleaning process, and, over time, can develop into recurrent and persistent injuries. In contrast, the i-mop can be height and angle adjusted to exactly fit the user. This allows the cleaner to remain upright with their arms positioned closer to the body, creating reduced stress points while working. 

The impressive results of ergonomic cleaning solutions 

We have been blown away by the results of the i-mop’s ergonomic design. Cleaning managers’ report 50% faster cleaning to conventional mopping, with cleaning rates of up to 1300 m2 per hour. Operators are no longer exhausted from the manual labour required for conventional mopping, leading to increased motivation, reduced sick days and better staff retention.

The design and increased operation of the i-mop also means that building managers can establish more efficient cleaning procedures, while the building occupants experience a cleaner and healthier environment.

Take a look at the i-mop Pro series

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