Stay Safe – Face Shield

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Numatic Design & Manufacturing teams have worked hard to quickly develop a Face Shield that is effective, comfortable, and reusable and can be manufactured in high volumes immediately. These face shields have been developed with and are currently in use with *Worcestershire NHS Trust, West Midlands Ambulance Service, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and The Gibraltar Health Authority.

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The Numatic Face Shield offers a simple, easy-fit and defensive barrier against the spread of germs and viruses.

Features include a wide visor for lateral protection; full-width browguard; complete 180° field of vision; reusable design; and fully-adjustable, comfort-fit for any head shape.

How to fit and adjust

These visors are prepared in a clean environment, but are not produced in a sterile setting. Users may wish to rinse in soapy water or other cleaning fluid before use. Ensure the face shield has been fitted securely and comfortably before entering any hazardous areas.

The Numatic Face Shield offers a fully-adjustable, twin-strap design, which means it can be fitted easily, comfortably and securely to any head shape. The twin-strap also allows pony tails to be worn under or over the strap for added versatility.


“I am an NHS Paramedic and found myself needing to use one of your visors today due to COVID-19. Can I just say …. WOW! You have done an amazing bloody job in making them.

I have been part of the Hazardous Area Response Team for 10 years and have worn a lot of different PPE for a variety of reasons as it’s part of our remit. Your visors are so comfortable and lightweight I barely noticed it was there.

Our supply chains change all the time but this recent addition to our kit is much welcomed and I hope to always be able to use one when needed.

I cannot emphasise enough how well made the visors are and how incredibly comfortable it was to wear. It makes a huge difference when treating patients if the PPE is barely noticeable to the user. It means we can focus on what we need to and not be hindered by the PPE.” – HART Paramedic/SORT Instructor, South Central Ambulance Service

“I would like to thank you, more than I can possibly say, for our truly brilliant visors. They are very comfortable and fit brilliantly.

­­­­­Obviously once they are on we cannot touch them again until the end of our session or shift so comfort and fit are very important to us.

They are completely washable too. I am the happy recipient of one and it feels like Christmas.

I swear I am not exaggerating so please accept our many thanks and I will send a contribution as soon as possible.” – Scrub Nurse, Dorset County Hospital

“They are really pleased with them, they are lighter to wear and can be sterilised and re-used. Please tell your team how much it is appreciated, and I will be giving you the loudest cheer on Thursday!”Consultant & Senior Nurse, Musgrove Park Hospital

View the video of the Numatic Face Shield

To order your Face Shield, contact us today or view the Face Shield products page.