Polish up your marble worktops with the i-scrub 21B

The i-scrub 21B is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of cleaning and polishing needs. The i-scrub uses twin rotating brush heads which provide great mechanical cleaning performance, removing the need for manual scrubbing. It comes fully equipped with brushes, pad holders and an array of pads, making it usable in many applications. 

Included in the package is an extendable telescopic pole and solution tank. This provides 360 degrees of free motion and can be adjusted in a heartbeat to perform even in those hard to reach places.

i-scrub 21B hand held
i-scrub 21b versatile single disc rotary machine

Polishing marble surfaces with the i-scrub

One of our favourite applications to use the i-scrub 21B for is polishing marble worktops. We regularly get asked by London hotels if we have a solution for removing scratches and increasing the shine of their marble bathroom worktops. The i-scrub 21B offers a great solution for this purpose.

Equip your pad holders and partner them up with Twister™ diamond pads for a chemical free system that can produce amazing results. If it’s just a shine you require, simply use the green twister pads and the i-scrub 21B rotating at 400rpm will mean you quickly begin to see results.

Twister™ pads only require the application of water, which works with the textured diamond surface of the pad to both clean and polish marble surfaces back to a high shine.

If you wish to remove scratches and engrained marks, you will likely need to work further back through the different coloured pad system, e.g. Red, White, Yellow and then Green.

Top tip: if you are already using Twister™ diamond pads to maintain your floors, the centre cut out is the perfect size for the i-scrub 21b.

Cost and environmental benefits

As Twister™ pads only require water to clean and polish, indoor environments are kept chemical free. And you benefit from the cost-saving of not purchasing separate chemical products.

The i-scrub is also power efficient with a low wattage and battery that will last for up to 150 minutes of use. It’s light weight too at 2.1kg, making it easy to manoeuvre and reducing the risk of over exertion and physical strain.

Find out more

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