Vacuum Cleaning Machines

Nilfisk VP930

Introducing the all-new upgraded Nilfisk VP930

Silent cleaning meets maximum power. Boost filtration by up to 10% with new fleece bags. A must-have for your contract cleaning and business customers.

Nilfisk VP930 is the reliable partner for demanding cleaning applications in hotels, schools, offices and hospitals. Rugged and stable with a large dust bag capacity of 15 litres.

The ingenious design optimises air flow patterns and reduces energy losses to an absolute minimum, offering one of the quietest professional vacuum cleaners in the world.

New benefits of the VP930 include:

  • Clean anytime, day or night with the quietest and most efficient vacuum available
  • Eliminate costly repairs and downtime with the detachable cord
  • Boost filtration by up to 10% with 5x larger HEPA filter and fleece bags

Get ready to make the most of your cleaning efforts with the most efficient vacuum you can buy, which is built to last, and always ready to perform.


Nilfisk VP930 industrial vacuum cleaner
Durable steel container and 15 litre dust bag
Nilfisk VP930
HEPA H13 exhaust filter for top rated filtration level maintaining a high quality of air within the cleaning area

This product is available for purchase and hire