Steam Cleaners

Duplex Jet Vac Alpha

The Jet Vac Alpha Steam Cleaning Machine is our entry level vacuumated steam cleaner and is built to the same high standards as the rest of the Duplex range using the highest quality components and processes. Duplex steam cleaners use super-heated water, also known as dry steam vapour. The vapour contains only about 5% water.

The Jet Vac Alpha’s stainless steel boiler has a capacity of 1.5 litres and a 2.5 litre water tank. Being continuous flow allows automatic refilling and non-stop operation for maximum efficiency. Duplex steam cleaners take this technology a step further by managing internal boiler tank refills very precisely with a patented electro-mechanical innovation. The result is a steam machine that avoids large variations in pressure and temperature during use.

The Jet Vac Alpha, like all the other models in the range is supplied with a range of tools and accessories that allow the operator to quickly and simply perform a multitude of cleaning tasks which were previously difficult and time-consuming. All Jet Vac models include an integral vacuum which further speeds up cleaning by removing dislodged dirt without the separate task of wiping it away with a cloth or mop. The vacuum function also removes allergens and dust.

Producing steam at 165 degrees and 6 bar pressure the Jet Vac Alpha Steam Cleaning Machine is the perfect machine for use in a huge variety of commercial environments from hospitals, nursing homes, vets and clinics to food retail outlets, hotels and shopping centres.

Used frequently but not exclusively for chemical free cleaning of upholstery, mattresses and curtains. The Jet Vac Alpha Steam Cleaning Machine also is perfect for cleaning windows, tiles, grouting, sinks, toilets, in fact, any hard surface where cleaning and sanitisation is required. Because the Alpha produces high-temperature steam allergens, germs and viruses are killed.

In our eco-friendly society, the Jet Vac Alpha Steam Cleaning Machine is the perfect choice for chemical-free, low water usage steam cleaning.


Solid Floor



Power Type


This product is available for purchase and hire


 Continuous flow Yes
 Pressure 6 bar
 Steam volume 62g/min
 Steam Temperature                      165 Degrees
 Water Capacity 2.5L
 Trolley / Mop Integral/Optional
 Weight 30kg
 Power Supply 240V
 Max Output 2.4kw
 Air flow/Dep 170 m3/h
 Boiler Power 2.4kw
 Vacuum Power 1.2kw
 Vacuum Drum 7.5L
 Cable Length 5m