What are the best carpet cleaning machines for the hospitality industry?

When it comes to meeting the carpet cleaning requirements of hospitality businesses, diversity is key. From cafes and restaurants to mid-size hotels to conference venues, all of these operations will be looking for different functionality, use and performance in their carpet cleaners. So, let’s take a closer look at our top choices of professional carpet cleaning machines for the hospitality industry.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Sebo XP10

You may wonder we have included an upright vacuum in the carpet cleaning section, but it’s because an effective carpet clean starts with removing as much dry soil out of the carpets as possible. Without this step, as soon as water is added to a heavily soiled carpet, that dry dirt quickly turns into a muddy paste and your carpet clean has become that much more challenging. Upright vacuums have the benefit of a brush roller that removes dust and debris buried deep into carpet fibres. If you are not doing this currently, you will notice results immediately by including this first step.

Our go to upright vacuum is the Sebo XP10

Key features

  • Automatic brush roller height adjustment to ensure it is always performing with the correct pressure for different carpets.
  • Robust build quality.
  • Low handle weight when compared to other commercial models.
  • Extendable hose, tube and tools are all conveniently located on the machine, useful for vacuuming edges and upholstery.
  • The XP10 can be used completely flat, great for getting under desks, chairs and even hotel beds.

Best compact carpet cleanerBissell DC100

The Bissell DC100 commercial carpet and upholstery machine is a tried and tested model that is perfect for smaller areas and spot cleaning tasks. The combination of a powerful vacuum motor and DirtLifter™ Powerbrush means this compact machine provides impressive results. 

Some features we really like about this model

  • In operation the machine can be moved forward or backwards, reducing the strain on the operator.
  • It comes complete with the spotting/upholstery attachment which is quick and easy to fit and operate as required.
  • The DirtLifter™ Powerbrush is great not only at agitating the carpets for great results but also assists with removing hairs and lifting the carpet pile.
  • Solution flow indicator clearly shows when you have run out of water for re-filling and emptying of dirty water tanks.

Best spray extractor carpet cleaner – Prochem Steempro 2000 Powermax

The Prochem Steempro 2000 Powermax is the best spray extractor machine we have tried. It is our go to within Prochem’s popular Steempro range due to the upgraded 200 psi pump and dual vacuum motors.

As anyone who has purchased one will know, the build quality is phenomenal and you can expect the machine to perform for many years to come, providing it is looked after of course.

It also has an optional Heat-n-Run in-line exchanger, which provides continuous hot cleaning when needed. 

One of the best features where hospitality is concerned is the ‘whisper quiet’ built-in silencer that allows for powerful but low-noise cleaning.

A quick mention also that Prochem’s carpet care courses at their Head Office in Chessington are simply great. Get in touch with us and we will happily share details of their upcoming courses.

Best mid-range carpet cleaner – Viper CEX410

The Viper CEX410 is a professional carpet cleaner that offers outstanding value for money. The machine’s generous 35lt solution and 23lt recovery tanks make this an ideal mid-range solution for the hospitality industry, great for corridors and smaller conference areas. 

Once set up, the machine can be operated almost with a single finger. It is the definition of ‘let the machine do the work’, and what a job it does. As the machine uses a brush roller that agitates the carpet, it thoroughly cleans the carpets, removes hairs and lifts the pile in a single pass. Get ready to be horrified by the engine oil looking water that you will be disposing of when emptying the machine after use.

The Viper is also easy to maintain and service, with its ‘no-tool’ access. The machine is simple to adjust for different users allowing easy and tireless cleaning.

Compared with many similar spec machines in the market it is priced affordably, not just the machine itself but the spare parts and consumables also. There are very few drawbacks with this option.

Viper CEX410 carpet cleaner

Best low moisture carpet cleaners – Orbot Vibe and Orbot Slim

orbot slim carpet cleaning hospitality

The Orbot Vibe and Orbot Slim are excellent cost-effective carpet cleaners. Their name comes from their patented dual-action orbital system which generates a powerful surface agitation for excellent low-moisture carpet cleaning. This orbital action allows the machine to work different sides of the carpet pile in a single pass. The low moisture also means fast drying times meaning less times for rooms or areas to be out of action.

The Orbot is also simple to use with large wheels for easy transportation, thumb touch control and quick-change pads that can be swapped in seconds. This is an excellent option for hospitality businesses that are always on the go.

Best large area carpet cleaner – Nilfisk ES4000 ride on carpet cleaner

For those hospitality companies that need a powerful and fast one stop carpet cleaner for large areas, you will be well serviced by the Nilfisk ES4000 ride on. 

This machine is very versatile, making it great for everyday use as well as deep restorative extraction after a big event. For this type of cleaning productivity is key, which is where a single person ride on comes into its own, being able to take on much larger cleaning tasks all through one operator and one machine. In some situations we have been able to reduce the time taken to clean these large areas by 90%. Where this machine performs well, it is usually the ROI (return on investment) on this machine that leads to our clients purchasing it. We are always happy to assist our clients with these calculations, please contact our team if this is of interest.

The ES4000 also boasts a variety of cleaning options so it can be tailored to your particular cleaning requirements, and it is easy to operate with a simple one-touch control system. This machine is the ultimate in large areas hospitality carpet cleaning!

nilfisk es4000 ride on hospitality carpet cleaning

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