3 Autonomous Cleaning Machines That Will Change Your Business

As a child, when I thought of the future, I saw driver less cars and robots assisting us at work and home. Today, when LVC think of the future of cleaning machines, they think of automated sweepers, scrubbers, vacuums and burnishers; and in fact, they are not far from that future, as we gradually start to see the rise in automated machines in airports, hospitals, retail and offices.

LVC have complied a list of 3 machines that look to change the world of industrial and commercial cleaning.



Adlatus, a Germany robotics manufacturer has developed the ADLATUS CR700. An automated cleaning machine, ideal for Supermarkets, Airports, Hospitals, Industry and Logistics sites. With sensors and intelligent processing, it is reliable in detecting objects; With an ability to define exclusion zones and stay away from forbidden areas to reduce risk, as well as providing means of increasing cleanliness and sterility. This machine has the option to be used in Manual or Automated control and canbe accessed via your smart phone or tablets. When the machine needs to be charged, water refilled, or the tank needs to be emptied, the machine will automatically return to the service station!


Nilfisk – Horizon program – A50

Nilfisk partnered with the leading provider of robotics and sensors Carnegie Robotics to set up the Horizon Program. They see this project as ‘the new era of intelligent cleaning’.

The A50 is described as ‘Smart, Simple and Highly Reliable Self-Operating Machine.’

With three cleaning modes, Copy Cat, Fill-In and Manual it allows the machines to replicate, clean within required perimeters and gives the user flexibility to use the machine manually when required. The Sensor Suite enables the machine to detect paths and avoid obstacles.

“The TrackClean™ fleet management system gives you 24/7 access to operational data so you know exactly what’s happening, where it’s happening and who’s doing it. This allows you to monitor, verify and improve the operational effectiveness of your entire cleaning operation.” – https://bit.ly/2BXepco


Karscher KIRA B50

The 2018 Amsterdam Innovation award winner! The KIRA B50 is versatile in its scope of use, with a simple and rapid set up, it boasts about its ease of use, size and design – described as a machine that will be ‘attractive in a wide range of applications’. Like the machines above, the KIRA B50 machine has the ability to return to its dock to be recharged and refilled. The pathfinder FCCP (Floor Coverage & Path Planning) enables the machine to calculate the most efficient cleaning routes.


All three machines have 3 things in common:

Improves Productivity of Staff – with a self-managed cleaning machine, staff will be able to carry out other tasks and utilize their time more efficiently.

Consistent Cleaning – All three machines can be set to have the same cleaning route and procedure every time it is in use, therefore consistently having the same cleaning results every time as opposed to having various cleaning results from the changes in employees’ abilities and skills.

Maximum Uptime – an automatic machine can run during times you would usually not have staff working, such as evenings and holiday periods or having to stop the machine during lunch and tea breaks. Once again, increasing productivity.

We can definitely see some exciting innovative changes coming into our industry and it sure will change the way we carry out tasks within the cleaning world. Some machines are currently being used in various countries and many are still undergoing vigorous tests before they launch into the UK market but one thing is for sure, we are ready and excited!


Just think, what was life like before ATM’s or Computers in the workplace? Soon we will question; what was life like before Autonomous Cleaning Machines?