Pressure Washer Hire

In our London warehouse we have a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning machines for hire including our range of pressure washers.

Whether you require a small pressure washer for commercial use or a larger petrol operated pressure washer for industrial use we have all the cleaning equipment that you require in stock here at LVC.

If you have previously purchased a cleaning machine from us and it has broken down, been damaged or required maintenance you are eligible for discounted hire rates, get in touch with our team to discuss.

If you need guidance on which cleaning machine would best suit your requirements talk to our team. Our helpful team are available to provide entirely unbiased advice, call on 01923 445 550 or visit out contact us page to submit an enquiry.

With LVC you can hire whatever cleaning equipment you need at very competitive rates. Making us your one stop shop for cleaning machines in London.



Type Typical Model Specification Two Day Rate Weekly Rate 4 week rate 12 week rate Long Term
Small Cold   240v Karcher HD6 240V, 130bar, 590 LPH £53 £79 £59 £47 £14
Large Cold   240v Karcher HD7 / Alto   MC5M 240v, 130bar, 300-700   LPH £80 £120 £90 £72 £28
Hot 240v Demon Tempest 240v, 105bar, 660 LPH £123 £185 £139 £111 £43
Cold Petrol Demon Hurrican P4 105bar, 660 LPH £70 £105 £79 £63 £51
Large Hot   Deisel Alto Poseidon 5 250bar, belt driven £105 £158 £118 £95 £185
Bowser with   Large Petrol 1100L, 250bar, £193 £289 £217 £173 £92
Mini Bowser   with Small Petrol Demon mini Bowser Petrol self   contained, 105bar, 540 LPH, £133 £200 £150 £120 £43

*Prices are per week + VAT. *Fixed Rate Hire is a one off fee available to customers having their machine repaired with LVC