Vacuum Cleaning Machines

Makita 18V Brushless Vacuum

The Makita 18V Brushless Vacuum Cleaner LXT

  • Filtration system with cyclone seperation: By seperating dust from air using centrifugal force, large dust is collected in the dust cup of the cyclone section, and fine dust particles are collected in the filter.
  • Brushless motor
  • Shoulder strap allowing for easy operation on stairs
  • Filter cleaning lever: After every use, simply move the lever side to side to remove dust from the filter.
  • Easy dust disposal.
  • Washable dust cup and filter
  • LED indicators for filter cleaning warning (orange), and battery capacity (red)
  • Extendable zoom pipe to adjust to user’s height
  • HEPA filter with high filtration capacity for clean exhaust air.


STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Nozzle, Hose, Cleaning brush, Zoom pipe, Hose hook, Crevice nozzle, Shoulder strap

This product is available for purchase and hire