Vacuum Cleaning Machines

i-vac 30UR

Years of innovation and development have perfected the i-vac series, and the 30 UR series is the culmination of feedback from the cleaning industry. With the patented Whizzo system, a user no longer needs to guess if their bag is full. A quick disconnect of the upper body from the motor deck allows for easy repair and replacement. The illuminated power switch and detachable power cord create a simple three-step troubleshooting program. The ergonomic handle, inspection door for blockages, soft rear castors with ball bearing and the equipment tag (for registration per department or operator), complete this beautiful machine that is also a smooth ride.

  • Quick cord release and cover
  • Green switch and detachable cable
  • Quick disconnect of upper body to lower body for easy and rapid replacement
  • Soft rear castors with ball bearings
  • Whizzosystem, unique patent which creates a sound when the bag is full
  • Filter cartridge system with black, red and blue cassette. (Standard HEPA & ULPA)
  • Flat operation including handle wheel
  • Adjustable handle
  • Paper sensor, cannot close the door without a bag inside
  • Bag closing system so you can remove the bag without making a mess
  • Inspection door into swivel neck for easy removal of dirt or blockages
  • Quick cleaning panel with coin screws to clean the brush roll section
  • Name card system for registration of unit per department or operator name



Carpet, Solid Floor, Wood Floor

Power Type


This product is available for purchase and hire


 Cable length 15m
 Capacity 1.5l
 Telescopic wand 3m
 Rubber bumper Yes
 Additional exhaust filter                 Yes