Cleaning & Odour Elimination Chemicals

Tersano iClean Mini

The new Tersano iClean Mini turns tap water into a safe, effective cleaner and sanitiser that works stronger than bleach and hydrogen peroxide – without the hazardous odours or toxic chemical residues that come with traditional cleaning chemicals.

Charge – Fill – Clean.

Simply fill with drinking water, press the power button, and the iClean mini converts the water into a powerful oxidizer for on-demand cleaning anywhere, anytime.


  • So safe, will not harm eyes or skin if accidentally splashed
  • Kill 99.9% of germs – including E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria – without chemicals*
  • Quickly, easily remove dirt, grime, stains, odours, mold, mildew, and pesticides
  • Save time and money by no longer purchasing chemical cleaners, sanitises, and deodorisers
  • Keep the places you live, work, and play safe
  • SDS Rating = 0-0-0

With the press of a button, the Tersano iClean mini™ instantly converts tap water into a powerful, naturally-occuring cleaning oxidant that is safer for use around people – yet still tough on dirt, germs and odours.<br>
Ideal for home, office, or any commercial or industrial environment, the Tersano iClean mini solution is also approved to clean and sanitise food preparation surfaces – as well as for use directly on fruits, vegetables, meats and virtually any other food.


  • Absolutely safe for people, pets, and the planet
  • Cleans without poisons, toxins, residues or fumes
  • Protects people with allergies or sensitive skin from the harsh effects of cleaning chemicals
  • Reverts to plain tap water after use

This product is available for purchase and hire

Price: £249