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Numatic CRL8055/100T

Numatic CRL8055/100T is a professional-grade carpet cleaner machine designed for efficient cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and other fabric surfaces. It is manufactured by Numatic International, a UK-based company that specializes in producing high-quality cleaning equipment.

The CRL8055/100T features a powerful 1500W motor that drives a twin water pickup system, which helps to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning performance. The machine has a large 55-litre capacity for both clean and dirty water, which reduces the need for frequent refills and emptying.

The CRL8055/100T also features an adjustable brush pressure system, which allows for customized cleaning depending on the type and condition of the carpet or fabric being cleaned. The machine has a wide 500mm cleaning width, which reduces the number of passes required to clean a large area.

In addition, the CRL8055/100T has a variety of features designed for ease of use and maintenance. It has a simple control panel, with clearly labeled buttons for power, solution, and vacuum, making it easy to operate. The machine also features a quick-release tank system, which makes it easy to empty and clean the dirty water tank.

Overall, the Numatic CRL8055/100T is a high-quality carpet cleaning machine that offers efficient and effective cleaning performance, ease of use, and low maintenance requirements.


Outdoors, Solid Floor



This product is available for purchase and hire


Net Weight (CRL8055/50) 143 kg
Net Weight (CRL8055/100) 154 kg
Brush Weight 17 kg
Brush Pressure 8.4 G/cm²
Brush Motor Power 300W
Pad Width 508mm
Pad Pressure 6.8 G/cm²
Brush 600W
Vac 400W
Transaxle 400W
Run Time:
1 X 50 Ah (25.6V) 1hr20
Run Time:
2 X 50 Ah (25.6V) 2hr45
Total Battery Weight 21.4Kg
Charge Times 1 x 50 Ah 2.5 hrs
Charge Times 2 x 50 Ah 5 hrs
Brush Width 550mm
Brush Speed 150 rpm
Airflow 24.2 L/Sec
Suction 120mbar
Transit Speed 0- 6 Km/h
Capacity 80L / 80L
Water Flow Rates 0-3.5 LITRES/MIN
Cleaning Area 1980m² @3.6Km/Hour
Sound Pressure ≤70 dB(A)
Hand Arm Vibration ah≤2.5m/s²
Whole Body Vibration aw≤0.5m/s²
Height 1160mm
Length 1460mm
Width 805mm