Scrubber Dryers

Fimap Mxr

Thanks to its ultra-compact size, Mxr is the perfect replacement for any traditional walk-behind scrubbing machine, ideal for the maintenance cleaning of surfaces of up to 4,500 sq.m.

Mxr is a ride-on scrubbing machine with automatic traction drive, available in battery version with one disc brush with 56 cm of working width.
The standard version features Eco Mode technology that optimises consumption, and the Eco ON/OFF System that automatically stops the brush and the water supply when the machine is not moving.
The version with on-board battery charger is also available upon request.
Mxr offers improved ease of use and faster cleaning for the same cost as a walk-behind model.

Thanks to its compact size and special steering wheel (inspired by the automobile industry), Mxr ensures the manageability required for working in small spaces, effortlessly manoeuvring around obstacles and completing the cleaning operations in significantly less time compared with walk-behind models, thus producing significant savings in terms of cleaning costs.


Solid Floor



Power Type


This product is available for purchase and hire


 Surfaces (sq.m./ft²)     2.000-4.500 / 21.500-48.400
 Type of cleaning system    Maintenance
 Working width (cm/inch) 56/22
 Squeegee width (cm/inch)     70.5-80 / 28-32
 Number of brushes 1
 Power supply Battery (24 V)
 Solution tank (l./gal) 70/18.4
 Recovery tank (l./gal) 70/18.4
 Dimensions (mm) LxHxW 1265 x 1030 x 600