Robotic Floor Cleaning

Co-botic 45™

The co-botic™ 45 from i-team is an intelligent robotic scrubber-dryer for hard floors. It’s your perfect cleaning help for spaces between 200m2 and 1500m2.

A cobot works with people rather than against them

A co-bot isn’t meant to replace the (human) cleaner. Instead, it’s meant to cooperate with the cleaner. A cobot eases the overall workload by performing repetitive and tedious tasks, like cleaning large floor areas.

This way, the cleaner can avoid repetitive strain injuries, improve ergonomics, and use their abilities elsewhere.



1. Quick start

Set up for the co-botic™ 45 is a piece of cake. From the box to the floor in 30 minutes and once the initial set upis complete – your cobot is ready in 3 minutes.

2. never gets lost

With the co-botic™ app, you can create a map of the area you want me to clean. The first time on route, it stores every square inch or mm, this was it won’t get lost or miss a spot. Even when the floor is temporarily occupied.

3. ready for duty 24/7

Ready for cleaning any time of the day or night.  When the battery is running low, it lets you know. And you can replace  the battery within seconds to minimise down time.

4. Accessible parts

All parts are easily accessible. Refill or empty the tank in the blink of an eye and replace brushes or squeegees with a few easy clicks.

co-botic 45 robotic floor cleaning
The co-botic™ 45 remote control

cobotic 45 floor cleaner

This product is available for purchase and hire