Removes the toughest stains fast


The i-remove from i-team provides a powerful solution for removing stains and materials from many types of surfaces. The i-remove’s lance dissolves gum in 5-6 seconds and is also very effective at removing sticker residue and graffiti. The battery operation means there are no cables involved. Its quiet running makes it ideal for daytime use, and the eco-friendly detergent leaves no liquid residue, so no cordons or signs are required. It’s also battery-powered and portable, with a run time of between 40 and 100 minutes, depending on the power mode. This is an excellent machine for both indoor and outdoor stain removal jobs.



Key Features


Ergonomic and easy to use

Easy to carry around through the trundle or supplied backpack. Operated by one person and is simple to fill, turn on and charge.

Long operation

The 2.5L tank and full charge last for an hour on average depending on the power setting.

Environmentally friendly

The 98% beet enzyme detergent is an environmentally friendly option that effectively breaks down glue, gum, paint and other materials in a few seconds without damaging surfaces or the need for water.

Work monitoring

Fitted with an hour counter, giving reliable information on the hours of use for billing and recording work times.


Technical specifications

Weight i-remove incl. batteries + full tank – 13kg (2.5L tank)
Size body (l x w x h) 34.7 x 33 x 50 cm
Size with lance (l x w x h) 34.7 x 33 x 113 cm
Lance size 6 x 65 cm
Lance weight 1.1 kg
Hose length 80 cm / 150 cm
Tank capacity 2.5 L
Max. temperature 104 °C
Runtime tank capacity ± 60 minutes per 1 L
Power source / battery type i-power 9: 24 V, 8.8 Ah – i-power 14: 25.2 V, 14 Ah
(Battery and charger sold separately)
Runtime on 1 i-power 9 40 minutes
Runtime on 1 i-power 14 50 minutes
Runtime on 2 i-power 9 80 minutes
Runtime on 2 i-power 14 100 minutes
Charger type Off-board*
Charger 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Control panel on handle
Flow speed Low level: 25 ml/min
High level: 30 ml/min
Rise level: 50 ml/min
Backpack included
Material – Lldpe, Rotomoulded, Abs / pc / pp injected /
blow moulded, Alu & carbon
Warranty 1 year

This product is available for purchase and hire