Steam Cleaners

Jet Vac Ultima

The Jet Vac Ultima Vacuumated Steam Cleaner like all the other machines in the range is built using only the highest quality components and processes to produce a machine suitable for the most demanding cleaning tasks. Duplex has extensive experience in producing powerful, durable and reliable cleaning machines for a whole range of commercial and industrial enviroments including hospitals, care homes, vets, schools, shopping centres, factories and leisure centres to name but a few.

To achieve the strict hygiene standards required in the food industry the Jet Vac Ultima vacuumated steam cleaner is utlilised to disinfect and degrease equipment and facilities. In engineering environments the Jet Vac Ultima vacuumated steam cleaner is the prefect solution to remove oil, grease and residues from equipment and manufacturing facilities.

Duplex steam cleaners use superheated water known as dry steam vapour which contains only about 5% water thus ensuring that loss of production and production are kept to a minimum during cleaning times. Being one of Duplex’s industrial models the Jet Vac Ultima produces steam at 8 bar pressure of up to 180 degrees. With continuous flow, 3kw boiler, integral vacuum and chemical injection this ‘top of the range’ commercial machine is suitable for all commercial and many industrial applications. Boiler tank refills are managed very precisely with a patented electro-mechanical innovation which results in a steam machine which avoids large variations in pressure and temperature during use.

The Jet Vac Ultima vacuumated steam cleaner is supplied complete with integral trolley/tool storage and ‘Steam & Vac’ tool set to tackle a wide variet of cleaning tasks with ease. Additional length hoses up to 12 metre are also available for those harder to reach areas.


Solid Floor



Power Type


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 Continuous flow Yes
 Pressure 6/8 bar
 Steam Volume 97 g/min
 Steam Temperature                 165 Degrees
 Detergent Tank 3L
 Water Capacity 4 + 3L
 Weight 20kg
 Voltage 50/60Hz
 Power Supply 220/240V
 Boiler Power 3000W
 Vacuum Power 1200W
 Vacuum Drum 14L
 Cable Length 5m