I-Mop Scrubber Dryers Special Offer

Two Imop Scrubbing Machine Options – One Free Motor Scrubber MS2000

For a limited period only, buy either the I-Mop XL or the I-Mop XXL and receive a MS2000 Motor Scrubber completely FREE!

The MS2000 is a battery operated, mini high performance scrubbing machine ideal for walls, stairs and confined areas. A perfect partner for the Imop with a list price of £549.00 + vat

View the MS2000 product brochure HERE and act now to secure your special offer before the end of July 2017.


I-Mop XL & I-Mop XXL

There are two I-mop scrubber dryers available, both with a high speed twin brush deck. The XL model has a working area of 18 inches whilst its’ big brother the XXL boasts a 26 inch deck.

I-Mop XL £2999 + vat
I-Mop XXL £3999 + vat

Package includes the scrubbing brushes, set of lithium ion batteries and charger

IMOP Scrubber Dryer Brochure

I-Mop Unmatched Agility

Both units operate in the same way as a conventional scrubber dryer but have an unmatched agility. A smooth experience is enabled by two counter rotating brushes that allow you to operate the machine with one hand.

Just Like a Traditional Mop

With the innovative Imop scrubber dryer you can clean around and underneath objects very quickly. The brushes are swapped easily depending on your needs, different brush and pad options are available.

350 RPM & 22 kg of Brush Pressure

The I-Mop makes fast work of any cleaning jobs, cleaning over 1000 square meters per hour. The high RPM rate and hefty brush pressure assures that quality performance is delivered every time.

Upgrade your productivity

Improve site standards and upgrade your productivity with this award winning Imop technology. Clean faster, better and easier with the MS2000 MotorScrubber on hand for all those tight, difficult spaces.

Service & Warranty

Imop service plans are completely flexible and work around your daily operation. Our preventative maintenance packages ensure your Imop stays performing at its best, prolonging the life expectancy whilst keeping ongoing costs to a minimum. It goes without saying that both I-Mop options come complete with our full one year warranty.

We will always try and send the same engineer to your site. Our engineers build a relationship with their clients, that way they get to know your equipment and how your site operates. We guarantee that our engineers will come to you prepared for any eventuality.


Book a Demonstration

Why don’t you book a FREE demonstration? What have you got to lose?

We will come to you anywhere in London and you can see for yourself how well this agile scrubber dryer performs.

To book a demonstration and take advantage of this short term special offer either call 01923 445 550 or visit our contact us page to log an enquiry. We will get straight back to you.