Scrubber Dryers

i-mop xl basic

The i-mop xl basic is a heavy duty floor scrubber with an operating width of 46cm, suitable for small to medium spaces, with the ability to clean up to 1300 m2 per hour.
Tank is easy to remove and fill  and you can use different tanks for different chemicals.

Flexible and fast

The i-mop xl basic features a high speed twin brush scrubber drier deck with working widths 46cm.  Offering the same cleaning paths as conventional walk behind scrubber dryers, but with unmatched agility to clean around and below objects – just like a mop.

The two counter rotating brushes provide smooth and effortless operation so the i-mop may be easily controlled by the machine even with one hand.


Used with the second set of batteries, i-mop can be available for use 24/7 per week.

To take advantage of this, change the battery set after 60 minutes of running time.

The remaining energy in the battery allows a recharge cycle of 1 hour which will provide 1 hour of operational use.

By rotating the battery used in this way, 24/7 use is possible.

Click on, click off

Fill, refill and empty the machine easily with our solutions tanks. however, on the other hand, having to return to a designated cleaning cupboard, simply fill the tank at almost any sink. Alternatively, switch between chemicals in a matter of seconds by clicking on a different solution tank, using our color-coded HACCP system to make life even easier.

This product is available for purchase and hire


Technical specifications

Application Indoor, hard surfaces only
Theoretical performance Up to 1800 m2 per hour
Practical performance 1000 – 1300 m2 per hour
Brush speed 350 RPM
Brush pressure 22,5 kg
Operation width 46 cm
Size machine (l x w x h) 50 x 38 x 120 cm
Weight without batteries 18.5 kg
Clean water tank 4 L
Recovery clean tank 4-6 L (max. 8 L)
Material PP, Aluminum alloy
Power source 2 i-power 9 batteries*
Battery 24V – 8.8 Ah
Run time 60-70 minutes on i-power 9 batteries
Charger type Off-board
Charger 110-240V, 50/60Hz