Gum Busters GB1

The World’s First Battery Powered Gum Machine!

Designed & manufactured in the UK, this is the world’s first battery-powered gum machine for gum removal! The innovative GB1 requires no cables, no generators and the unique 10-litre pre-mixed chemical/water tank, which will last an entire shift, means no messy consumables are required on site. The GB1 busts through unsightly gum deposits in a matter of seconds and because it’s a completely self-contained unit, it can be used during the day and in densely populated areas as required.

The GB1 will operate for an impressive six hours from one battery charge, the only machine of its type to do so. It is virtually silent while in operation and a flashing beacon had to be fitted to alert people of its presence. And the benefits don’t stop there; the GB1 is very inexpensive to run at less than £2.50 p/h operating costs and because it is manufactured here in the UK, you can be confident of the excellent build quality. It will work on a multitude of surfaces and as the operator is not restricted by a power supply, there are no restrictions as to where the GB1 will operate either.

The GB1 has been designed to be free from potential repetitive strain issues for the operator too. The large rubber wheels ensure the unit is easily transportable and the handle is lightweight and flexible having been ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of RSI’s. The simple controls and straightforward instructions mean that, with minimal training, anyone can operate it.

So bust that gum, any time of the day or night and promote the “see it clean, keep it clean” attitude!




Gum Busters

Power Type


This product is available for purchase and hire


 Power Requirements x2 12v Cell Battery 125AH
 Boiler Capacity 10 Litres
 Boiler Material Unique pre-mixed water & detergent tank
 Heat Up Time 15 Minutes
 Detergent Facility Yes
 Detergent Tank 10 Litres
 Indicator Yes
 Machine Dimensions (W x D x H ( in cm))           58cm x 107cm x 54cm
 Net Weight 89kg
 Ship Weight 99kg
 Adjustable Pressure No
 Hose Length 4m
 Hose Removable  No
 Steam Temp  140°C